AutoSender Pro 4.2

A New Way to Earn Credits

As many of you may know our app AutoSender Pro allows you to schedule texts that will automatically send at any future time or date. We also provide US or Canadian virtual numbers that you can use as a second phone line to both send and receive texts. 

To send messages we require you purchase credits, as we store and send any scheduled messages out through our server we are charged per message. We currently offer 4 different credit packs, as well as subscription plans that will allow you to gain extra credits and features. You can also invite friends to try our app to receive free credit!

In our newest update we have added the ability to watch an advertisement and be rewarded a credit. This is our way of trying to make our app more accessible while also ensuring we are able to keep on improving our app!   

To earn credits through watching an ad you must already be signed up for AutoSender Pro and go to the “Purchase Messages” tab. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see an option that states “Earn Credits”. If you click this option you will then be able to watch an ad, once the ad is complete it will automatically add one credit into your account. 

We have also changed the costs of texting while using the private number inbox to communicate with people in the US or Canada. This will make it easier to use as a tool to  communicate with people in the US or Canada, no matter where you are located!  

We have also made some UI changes to make our app easier and more accessible. If you have any feedback or suggestions please feel free to reach out to us through our contact form. 

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