Using AutoSender to Help Working from Home

How AutoSender Can Help You Work From Home

For many of us the current situation in the world leaves us filled with worry, dread, and anxiety about what will happen in the future. Whether you are worried about your own health, the health of your loved ones, your job security or your finances there are plenty of different issues that can be causing us stress.

If you are currently in a situation where you are working from home or working in a remote office then you are likely still adjusting to the best way to handle all these changes. We believe our iOS apps AutoSender and AutoSender Pro may provide some useful features in these times. 

Setting up a Virtual Phone 

Subscribing to a virtual number

If you have an office line that you can no longer use you may be struggling keeping in touch with your clients, especially if you are not comfortable giving them your personal number. With our private numbers you are able to subscribe to a virtual number that will be exclusively yours until you cancel your subscription.

With our private numbers you are able to choose a local area code, and subscribe to one of our available numbers. Once you are subscribed you will be able to schedule messages to send at any time through the number, as well as send and receive texts. However, you are unable to make or receive any calls to the private number.  

You can use our app as a way for customers to reach out to you for any support questions or concerns they may have. If you don’t have the resources you would at work, AutoSender can make a great alternative as a way to provide support.

You can allow your team to use the same account and post the virtual number as your new contact number, then when any requests come in whoever is free at that time can respond. 

Learn more about our virtual numbers.

Setting up Automated Responses

Another feature our private numbers offer is the ability to set up automated responses that will send when you receive a text. The way it works is by allowing you to choose a message, and pick the phone numbers that the message will be sent to if they text you. Once you have chosen the numbers and message you do not have to worry, once you receive any texts from the chosen numbers your message will be automatically sent.

This is a great way to keep people updated about your company’s response to COVID-19.  As you can have people contact you if they want to be added to your list, and then they can send a text anytime they want to see your company’s response. You can easily change the message that is being sent out to keep your customers up to date on how you are handling things within your company. 

This is also a great way to separate yourself from work. If you are using your personal number it is easy to feel inclined to answer any texts that come in even if you are not currently meant to be working. If you do work through our private number you can set up an away message for when you are not meant to be working. Even if it is a short message saying you are currently not working and will reach out to them as soon as you start again.

We also allow the ability to schedule when the away message will be sent between, allowing you to set it up to send only when you are not working. This means you don’t have to worry about turning it off or on each day, it will automatically take effect. 

Learn more about our automated replies.


If you have set up a private number but you still want to receive any texts that come into the virtual number directly as a text to your personal number, you can set up an automated forwarding system. This is quick and easy to do with AutoSender or AutoSender Pro. You simply select the contacts you want messages forwarded from and contacts you want to receive the messages. Then anytime you receive a message from the first group it will be automatically forwarded to the second group. 

This can be a great way to keep your team in the loop with what customers are asking or saying. You could have support messages come in to the private number and then be forwarded to all your support agents, whichever one is available could then handle the issue.

Another great use of auto-forwarding is if you are currently off your shift but you are subscribed to a virtual number you can set any incoming messages from specific numbers be forwarded to a co-worker who can handle the request.

Learn more about our automated forwarding.

Scheduling Reminders

With so many things changing many of us have had our schedules completely disrupted. This means that when people have video calls, conference calls, etc it is possible they may forget.

With AutoSender you can schedule messages that will be sent at specific times so that you can send out reminders about any upcoming online meetings or calls you may have. This is a great way to ensure that there is no wasted time waiting for the other person to become available. 

Learn more about scheduling messages.

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