5 Great Phone Cases to Protect your Phone

Considering how much we spend on our phones most of us want to ensure they remain in mint condition. This often means we have to buy cases to protect our phone. However, not all cases are created equally. In this article, we will take a look at 5 great cases that can protect your phone and more! 


Otterbox cases have long been known for the protection they provide. Most Otterboxes provide two layers of protection, with a harder shell on the inside and a softer one on the outside it provides a great deal of protection from drops or other damages. These are great for anyone who is a little clumsy or has a history of dropping their phones. 

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Wallet Phone case

For many of us two of the most important things we carry everyday are our phones and wallets/purses. What if you could combine the two? With a wallet phone case it is easy! With room for your debit/credit cards, ID, and a few other cards you can easily carry all your important stuff in your phone case.

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Stylized Phone case 

Some people want more out of their phone cases than a simple unoriginal design. Many sites will actually allow you to create your own phone cases with your custom pictures. Whether you want a phone case of you and your significant other or something else like your favorite picture you’ve taken, a personal stylized phone case is a great option! 

Charger Case 

We’ve all had times where our phones are dying at the most inconvenient of times, and there’s not a charger in sight. This can cause a lot of stress and panic depending on the situation, or at the very least it can be very inconvenient. With a charger case you don’t have to worry about that, as once your phone is close to dying your charger will take over and use its own battery power to charge your phone! Many people say they changed their life with how convenient they are.

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Small Case 

Phones are often already pretty large, and some of us don’t want a big bulky case but would rather a slim design that will protect your phone but still easily fit in your pocket! They may not provide as much protection as some of the competitors, but as long as you are careful they are often enough for minor drops.

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