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Last week we took a look at the new iOS 13 that is coming out this fall, but didn’t discuss what is happening with iPads. iPads will not be receiving the new iOS 13 update but instead, will be moving to a whole new operating system that will be called iPad OS. Apple stated that the iPad OS is built with the same foundation as iOS but also introduces some interesting new mechanics. Let’s take a look at them!

Split View

One of the biggest new additions to the iPad OS is the ability to create a split view of certain apps so that you can view two different apps at once. This is great for multi-tasking or work that requires two apps. It is also very easy to switch through apps through the new “Slide over” mechanic that will allow you to slide through different apps.

Reimagined Home Screen

iPad Home Screen

iPadOS will allow you to pin specific widgets to your home screen so that you can quickly view them. This could be extremely useful for things such as calendar reminders, to do lists, weather forecasts and much more!

Improvements with Apple Pencil

iPad Pencil

The apple pencil is a great tool for things such as drawing, taking notes, or anything else you would do on a piece of paper. The new update will lowering the latency between the pencil and the iPad so it will feel even smoother to use. They are also introducing a new set of tools that you can use anywhere on your iPad!

Dark Mode

iPad Dark Mode

Similar to the iOS 13 dark mode we discussed the iPad OS will be introducing the same feature for iPads!

Safari Updates

Download Manager

With  iPad OS comes a new update for safari. This update offers the ability to use the desktop website of sites so that you can access online web apps such as Google Docs, Foursquare and more! It will also introduce a downloads manager so you can easily access and view your downloaded files.

We only took a look at some of the most exciting updates that the iPad is bringing. It also will update things such as privacy and security, texting, and much more!

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