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New features in watchOS 6!

In the past few weeks we have been breaking down the different updates that Apple is launching this year. Today we are going to take a look at the new watchOS 6 and the changes it brings! While the updates coming to the watchOS may not be as major or plentiful as the iOS 13 or iPadOS updates, it is still introducing some great new features! 

The main focus of this update is on health and fitness. They have added a cycle tracking app to allow women to better track their menstruation cycles and see their next predicted period. You can add additional information or updates right through their watch! 

They have also added a feature that will help people avoid permanent hearing damage. An app on the watch allows it to gauge the level of noise in the area, and will send a notification if it is over 90 decibels. This can be a big help as many people end up with hearing problems later in life due to things such as loud concerts or loud work environment. This app can help people know when things are at a dangerous volume so they can step out for a moment or two. 

The watchOS is also getting it’s own appstore that can be accessed directly through the watch itself! This will allow users to find and install any third-party app that is accessible through the watchOS store. It will also allow developers to create apps that are only for the watchOS so they do not need to create an iOS version as well. 

The new update will also introduce several new dynamic watch faces and will allow you to further customize the watchOS and offer more personalization. They will also be adding the voice memo app to the watchOS, the ability to listen to Audiobooks and an improved calculator! 

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They also made sure to point out that none of the audio or sound is actually saved when measuring how loud they are, but instead just the decibel level is tested. These are only some of the updates coming with watchOS 6, you can find the full log of changes on apples newsroom!

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