Group Message: Our easy to use Marketing tool

We have talked in previous articles about our latest scheduling app, Group Message. In this article we are going to take a further delve into how Group Message can be a powerful marketing tool for small or large businesses. 

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Group Message is an iOS app that allows you to schedule messages that will automatically send at the scheduled time. These messages can be sent through either SMS or email, allowing for very flexible use. It is not limited to just sending as emails or just sending as text messages, and instead can be used to send a combination of both text messages and emails! 

When using Group Message you can create different set of “Groups”. These groups can include as many contacts (both phone numbers and email addresses) as you would like, and can be useful for reaching out to different market segments. This allows you to create different groups for different bases of customers, allowing you to offer personalized marketing emails and SMS that will have a much stronger effect! 

Once these groups are created you can quickly add or remove any current contact, create new groups or delete any you don’t need anymore.

Group Message allows you to schedule any promotions weeks or months in advance, allowing you to prepare your marketing material far into the future! This is perfect for when you will be away for a while, or for scheduling time sensitive messages to have the strongest impact on consumers (Ex. Sending a promotion for a restaurant right before dinner.).

If you would like to try Group Message you can purchase it through the Apple app store!

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