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Benefits of our Private Number

We have talked in an article previously about our new private number subscription. In the original article we took a look at how to subscribe to a private number and how to send messages through the private number. In this article, we are instead going to take a look at the benefits of using a virtual number! 

When a message is sent through AutoSender or AutoSender Pro it is stored on our server. The server then automatically sends the message at the selected time. However, as it is stored on our server the message is sent from a shared cloud number.

The cloud number is a number chosen by our server from our shared numbers, choosing the one that will offer the most reliable delivery. Even though it sends through our clouds number at the end of the message it will show your personal cell number and the signature that you’ve chosen.

Some people may use programs and apps that block incoming messages that they identify as spam. These programs may automatically block messages that come from unknown area codes. Private numbers help you avoid this issue! When you subscribe to a private number you have the option to enter an area code from Canada or the US. You will then be able to choose from a list of available numbers with that area code! From then on, you will have the option to schedule messages to send through your virtual number. 

Virtual Number Easy to use

The messages will still send the same way. They will be stored on our server and automatically send out at your selected date and time, however they will not be sent from the private number that you chose. This will also ensure that all your future messages are sent out from the same number, ensuring people can easily confirm it is you that is sending them. 

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