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We are excited to announce our latest update to AutoSender Pro, the inbox. In a previous article we took a look at how you can use a private number to send and receive texts, however, we wanted to simplify the process.

To access our new inbox feature you must first subscribe to one of our virtual numbers. You can subscribe to a virtual number by clicking the “Number” option on the home page or by clicking on “Balance” -> “Subscription”, then scrolling down and choosing a 30 day subscription,90 day subscription, or 365 day subscription. 

Once you are subscribed to a virtual number you can access the inbox by clicking the mail icon in the upper left corner of the schedule page. Once in the inbox you will be able to see any text messages you receive to your virtual number. 

Once you have received a response you will be able to open up a chat with that person that shows any messages they sent you.

If you want to send them a message right away instead of scheduling them a message you can quickly reply through the inbox, allowing you to use your private number as a way to send and receive texts! 

This inbox feature allows you to use our private virtual numbers as a business help lines, to receive verification codes, communicate with clients or tenants, and so much more! 

Learn about the full benefits of our private numbers! 

Learn how to subscribe to a virtual number.

Download AutoSender Pro.

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