AutoSender Tips and Tricks

Our iOS text scheduling apps AutoSender and AutoSender Pro have many features and abilities, and offer incredibly flexible use. As we continue to update and improve our app we are consistently bringing in new and exciting features. 

In this article we are going to take a look at some of the different features that our app offers, how to use them, and what they can be used for. 

Schedule Repeat Messages 

There are many times where you may want a specific message to send to certain people at specified times. For example, if you manage properties you may want to remind tenants at the end of each month to send their rent payments. By using AutoSender you can schedule Daily, weekly, or monthly repeat messages that will be sent at these specific dates and times. 

To use our repeat messages you must open the app and go to the schedule a message page as you normally would. You can then select “Repeat” from the upper right corner of the scheduling page. Next click “Date” and you will be brought to a page where you can select Weekly or Monthly. If you choose the Weekly option you can choose the days you want the message to send, including every day if you want the message to be sent daily. 

If you choose Monthly you can then choose specific days of the months that the message will be sent out, meaning if you choose the 20th your message will be sent out on the 20th of each month. However, please note if you choose a date like the 31st that does not appear every month it will only send on months with those dates. 

Once you select the days you want the message to send you can then click “Ok”, and continue scheduling the message like a regular message. The repeated message will be sent until you either cancel the task or run out of credits. 

Using a Private Number to Receive Texts 

When using the provided cloud number to send messages you are unable to receive texts or send texts that are not scheduled messages as the cloud numbers are shared numbers. However, if you subscribe to a private number you receive a personal number that is exclusively yours.

With this number you can send and receive texts as you would with a normal phone number simply by going to the inbox in the app. 

To subscribe to a private number you can click the “Balance” tab and select the “Numbering” button. You will then be able to choose from a 30 day subscription, 90 day subscription, or a yearly subscription.

Once you have chosen your subscription and clicked subscribe you will then be able to choose between a US or Canadian number, once you have chosen you can enter the area code of a region you are interested in and pick a phone number from the available numbers. 

Once you are subscribed to a virtual number you can access the inbox by clicking the mail icon in the upper left corner of the scheduling page. In the inbox you will then be able to see any text messages you receive to your virtual number. You will be able to start new messages with your contacts or by typing in their number or reply to received messages by opening the chat. 

Click here for more information regarding sending and receiving messages. 

Set up Automated Responses 

There are many times where we may be away from our phones but expecting an important message, whether you are driving, on a flight, etc, it can be stressful knowing you may be missing important texts. 

By using AutoSenders automated responses you can choose the contacts you want to receive a response and then type in the message you want them to receive, and that text will send out after they text you. For example you could have it set to automatically send a message letting them know you are currently driving and will send them a reply once you are able to. 

To do this you must first subscribe to a private number as mentioned above, as there is no way to receive messages through cloud number. 

Once you are subscribed to a private number open the inbox in the upper left corner of the schedule page and then click “Auto-Reply” on the bottom left. Next select the contact(s) you want to receive the message, and type what you want the message to say. 

When the contacts you chose send you a message they will then receive the reply you set up.

Click here for more information regarding automated replies.

Creating and Using Groups 

Creating groups is a great way to allow you to easily message a large number of contacts at once but allow them to receive the message individually and not as a group chat. For example you could have your co-workers in a group so that you can choose that group and message them about work related information.

To create a group open the app and click “Setting” in the bottom right corner. Next, click “Manage Groups”. In this screen you can create new groups, manage existing groups, or delete groups.  This is a great way to split up your contacts by groups such as family, friends, co-workers, etc. 

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